Beauty Tips For Beautiful Skin


Beauty Tips For Beautiful SkinWe are sharing some simple tips today that we got from a group of students and we are shared as the shared and without any addition to see if you can try these to bet the beauty issues with these tips. An MBA student told us that he is doing to many things at the same time and it make him so stressed out and he is too busy and it is difficult for him to get time for spay massage to distressed doesn’t really have the time for all these things so he shared his own tip for that, he said I like to try chamomile tea with some cardamom and some lime and cause of that stress I am loosening my hair and I get too much itchy and I treat it with raw egg and curd…. great I guess.

Another student of medical says that olive oil works wonders on her hair and olive oil promotes hair growth and locks hair fall and at the same time I feel relaxed with the hair massage so I bet it has double qualities. Another art student told us that I wash my hair with beer at least once in two months and you can see the effect yourself and if you think that you are losing skin shine due to too much stress and sun exposure use yogurt and cucumber.

A student of fashion designing told us that she love drinking honey with lime water for its numerous benefits and Spinach juice as a regular morning drink to get perfect skin and natural looks.

Another student added that she suggest all girls and boys to try the Neem face pack, you just need to add Neem leaves and cucumber together and refrigerate it for some time and after that apply that chilled pack wait for 20-30 minutes and you will love the results.

Another girl added that if you have dry skin then try fresh cream, Pinch of turmeric powder mixture for clear, glowing skin and if you have oily skin then add gram flour in turmeric and you will get the same effect.
Best of luck you guys.