Beauty Tips For Fair Hands And Feet


Beauty Tips For Fair Hands And Feet; Fair skin or complexion is dream of every girl, even men are also interested in fair skin. Different types of skin glowing products used for enhancing beauty or skin, but important thing is that what kind of skin do you have.Beauty Tips For Fair Hands And Feet

Fair Hands And Feet

Your confidence level to only depend upon your beautiful face or hair but also on your hands and feet. Skin of hands and feet commonly expose to to sun, drought and different environmental conditions. If you want beautiful and soft hands and feet then you should pay attention and fallow these hands and feet care tips.


Daily wash your hands and feet for 2 time with good soap and give them nourishment and moisture with cream or Vaseline. Rub lemon peel on your hands and feet and wash with soap after that apply butter or cream on your hands and feet.

Rose WaterRose Water

Apply rose water on your hands before go to bed and leave it overnight. Then wash it off with good hand wash and fresh water in next morning. Repeat this process daily for 2 weeks and you feel positive change in your hands color.

Yogurt And BasinYogurt And Basin

Take one tsp yogurt and one tsp basin mix them and make a paste. Apply This Past on you hands and feet skin after 15 minutes wash them with lukewarm water and apply any care cream and lotion on your hands and feet.

Orange PeelOrange Peel

Take one orange peel and rub it gently on your hands for 5 minutes then wash it off with hand wash. Repeat this process twice a week. Orange contains vitamin c and citric acid that can remove bacteria or other sticky products from your hands and make them soft and white.

Glycerin, Rose And Lemon JuiceGlycerin, Rose And Lemon Juice

For dry hand and foot make a paste of glycerin, rose sap and lemon juice and apply this paste on you hands and feet. On drying wash with soap and water.