Beauty Tips for Girls and Teenagers


Beauty Tips for Girls and Teenagers-03Teenage is that age when every girl seems to be so conscious about her skin. And at this age some girls use any kind of every products and the result comes with dull and rough skin. Acne takes place immediately that kind of skin and after that they worry about it. This age is very delicate in itself so carefully use whatever you want for your skin.

First of all at night just go for sleep early and getup early in the morning. Do exercise take a glass of juice or water. So that the circulation of blood would be proper.

Beauty Tips for Girls and Teenagers-

If there is some acne on your face then use Multani matti with rosewater and apply on your face as a massage. When it dry then remove it and wash the face. Daily use of this tip could remove the acne.

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Whenever your nails grow up just cut it down or makes it shape as your wish. For your hair you must use olive oil 2 or 3 days in a week. If your hairs are thin then little a bit trimy cut could make healthy looks for your hair. And can’t copy every hairstyle for your hair, according to your face shape you can think about the style, which are inn now a days. Dont use much shampoo for your hair.

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With almond oil you can massage your body, from this you can feel better relaxation. Any better moisturizer is also good for skin if your skin is dry then you can use daily moisturizer which is oil based and for oily skin you use oil free moisturizer.

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Foot is also part of body so most people forget the care of feet and just apply everything on face. If face looks charming and feet would roughly then your all look will be fade because if feet are in good care then your whole personality will be automatically be in grace.

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Take a lemon and scrub it on your feet for 15 minutes daily and if your heels are cracked then also use cracker crème or moisturizer. File your feet’s nails and give a proper shape. Pedicure is the best cure for feet as well as manicure for hands.

Beauty Tips for Girls and Teenagers

Teenage is the start of youth age so if your start were in a healthy then your whole life would be without any tension.