Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin


Beauty Tips for Glowing SkinIn the spheres of life, either they are old, young or teenagers, everyone wants to win beauty contest. It depends on you that how much you care about yourself. For this first of all food is the best tonic for glowing skin. You eat rubbish things then you get ill, but if you take healthy food then the result of course are in front of you. But what we eat and what not to eat. Most healthy tonics are fresh vegetables, fruits and white meat. Other things like pakora’s, samosa’s etc are unhealthy for your skin. Boiled vegetables are good for skin. Early in the morning taking some fruits can make fresh blood and no doubt your skin automatically shine after some days and you don’t need to use any kind of external things. When fresh blood in your body has exist so why don’t you need any outer things. This is really a pure natural tip for shining skin.

Beauty Tips for Glowing SkinBut in this polluted atmosphere we have to use external things too. To prevent your skin you have to use proper sunscreen lotion. Before you go for sleep just one thing you must do that use a good cleanser for skin and sweep out your face then apply a night crème on your face and as well as hand and foot.

Take 2tbs honey and 2tbs milk, mix it and scrub it on your face with the fingertips almost 15 minutes, just wash face and don’t use towel, dry your face itself. You will best result in some days.

For working women whether she work in the office or house, they both need for their skin a special care so for them first of all early in the morning daily use a glass of juice of any fruit, according to the season then they must start their as usual work. In evening when they get tired, sit back and just relaxed, take a cucumber’s piece and put them on the eyes, after some minutes just remove them and wash the eyes. You will feel better calmness on your eyes. Then take some warm water in a big pan, put salt and a lemon and then put your feet in the water, you will feel that your all day tiredness removing little a bit. If you do this daily then you will not tired and when you feel no tiredness then no doubt your skin will be in healthy condition and would not be dull and rough. Water is the best source of glowing skin. Use water as much as you can.

Don’t ever feel tension just try to be happy. Healthy blood comes with happiness not from tensions.