Beauty Tips for Skin


Beauty Tips for SkinSkin is a very sensitive part of our body. We have to take care of it time to time. Is we use any unwanted thing on our skin then it gets down very dull. Change of season also create effect on us. Always use daily moisturizer and cleanser. Avoid from ultraviolet rays of sun, you must use sunscreen lotion whenever you go outside. Not only face but also neck,arms,body and feet needs special attention.

Rosemary water with fresh lemon works a toner. Mix both things like 2tbs rosemary and 2tbs lemon as well,just mix them and apply on your face and neck. This works better.
If you have dry skin then you need to use unboiled vegetables. Like take a carrot, cabbage or turnip wash them and just eat, These fresh vegetables are full of water and dry skin need wety. Fruits and juices are also best for dry skin. Because they have full of vitamin A and E, Which helps the skin not to dry. For external use, put some drops of almond oil in the tub, mix water and take bath with that, After that you will feel your skin fresh. For dry skin egg’s yolk is a special treatment. Take one egg’s yolk and mix it with 1tbs olive oil, make a paste and apply on your face and neck,then after 20 min just wash. Use it always after 3 or 4 days. This mask is magic for dry skin.Beauty Tips for Skin

For oily skin U must use egg’s whitens mix with milk and put on your face and neck after 15 minutes just wash. This will give a tenderness on your skin.If you want your face wrinkle free then apply mixture of cucumber and lemon juice on your skin, with this your skin would be shiny at all. For roughy skin you must use lemon juice with milk on your skin.

Use of coconut oil on skin can gives the best reult. If You have dry and dandruff hair then use coconut oil. If you want your face dry and wrinkle free then coconut oil works like an ointment. For those who suffered from the different diseases like eczima then they definitely use this oil. It can maintain cholestrol level and also remove the heart diseases. Dont use any roughy thing for your skin,just use proper and healthy toner.