Beauty Tips For Teen Girls


Beauty Tips For Teen Girls – This age has its own glowing beauty which not needs any outer enhancements. With the application of few measures and tips the teen agars get the eye pulling attraction in their looks. Make up, clothing and hair style are the issues in looking good. Just use the simple guide lines and look great.


  • The teen girls are fond of fashion clothes. They wish to look like the celebrities and copy them in clothing. But before to copy check out your figure if you have stomach hanging out  then just wear long shirt. If you are in eight grade you might wear tight jeans and sleek leather blazers with low cut neckline to look sexier and pretty but not wrong type of girl. If you are in your ninth grade go for the clothes which are stylish but not to feel you mature.

Beauty Tips For Teen Girls


  • The glowing skin at this age has no need of heavy coatings of makeup as the gentle touch of cosmetics give sparkling beauty. The light layer of foundation with bit tint of moisturizer suits on your skin. Light shades of eye shadows and clear lip gloss might be used. The peachy blushers work well at the apples of cheeks. If you have dark complexion then all bright shades are big NO. Avoid the glittery and sparkling shades which will make you raccoon. If you are in your ninth grade make up your lips to be more festive with the use of light shades of lipsticks or lip glosses.

Bridal Makeup Tips For Dark Skin-



  • You can wear different hair styles besides your typical pony tail. You can do curls once or twice a week. At your eighth grade tries to establish your own hair style according to your facial looks. But it should be trendy and in fashion as you are stepping out with your own individuality. Straight, layers, side bangs or the part at the side or middle what you wear just upgrade it with the grade.

Bridal Makeup Tips For Dark Skin


No one likes to look you in same style as you were in your primary school.