Beauty Tips for Teenagers


Beauty Tips for TeenagersTeenagers need really special care for their skin because this age is early age so today’s care is tomorrow’s the best result. Whenever u wash your face, always use a good company’s face wash and don’t use towel just dry your face itself. In this age many acne problems create. First of all you don’t eat those food which are full of oily and acidity. Because acidity can damage not only your body system but externally can create many rough problems like acne and blackheads. So be aware from those foods. But for this, early in the morning do some exercise and then take a glass of fresh juice.

Take orange, almond and milk. Peel orange’s cover and mash it as well as almond. Then add milk and make a paste. Apply it on whole face and neck. Wash it after 20 minutes. This ointment for acne.Beauty Tips for Teenagers

Every teenager wants to look fresh so for it you need to use tomato paste for your skin. Apply it on face and neck, not only this paste gives you shiny look but also freshness. Whenever you go out side always use alovera’s juice on your skin, your skin will be secure from any kind of pollution.

Rough hands also create bad personality. Always wash hands with a proper soap and use lotion on it. If your hand’s skin became too much dry then take 2tbs gram flour and 1tbs milk. Make a paste and rub your hands with this paste whenever you need to wash the hands. You will find a nice result. Before going to sleep use glycerin with rosemary water every day not only on your hands but also on your face. About hairs, first you pour coconut oil in your head and massage with your fingertips. Coconut oil is best for everyone. If you want that your hairs do not became white so early then you must always use coconut oil.

For hairstyle you must not need to copy all hairstyle, which are in fashion world. Because every face figure has different hairstyle so first see that how is your face shape. Then decide that which style could be better. For whole body olive oil massage works as a toner for body, also use this oil for foot.

Because healthy skin can make your personality perfect.