Beauty Tips In Urdu For Fair Skin In Summer


Beauty Tips In Urdu For Fair Skin In Summer; Skin is the largest organ of the body that not only protects all the vital organs from environmental factors and harsh seasonal conditions but also defines an individual’s beauty. A clear and flawless skin represents the overall health of the body. Scroll down the page to read beauty tips in Urdu for fair skin in summer.Beauty Tips In Urdu For Fair Skin In Summer

Beauty Tips In Urdu For Fair Skin

To keep your body and skin well moisturized during the summer season, drink at least 10-12 glasses of water every day.

Eating well-balanced and nutritious foods is essential to provide your skin crucial vitamins and minerals.
Wear a fine-quality sunscreen before you head out in summer. It will protect the skin from the damaging effects of harsh UV rays.

Cucumbers are packed with several vitamins and minerals that nourish your skin and help in preventing the formation of premature wrinkles. Consumption of cucumbers also gives your body a cooling effect.
Excess use of makeup and cosmetic products leads to the bacterial infection and triggers the growth of blackheads and pimples. So, one should restrict the use of chemical-based stuff to keep the skin healthy and problem-free.Beauty Tips In Urdu For Fair Skin In Summer

To give your skin a smooth appearance in summer must apply a good quality moisturizer twice a day. Try to opt for the lotion that contains salicylic acid or hydroxyl acid as a basic ingredient.

Prepare a homemade scrub containing natural ingredients and use it occasionally to exfoliate your skin.
Use a homemade purifying mask at least once a week to unclog the skin pores.

Apply a mud mask to your facial skin as well as the surrounding area. Let it dry thoroughly and then wash it off. The mud mask helps your skin get rid of excess oil and impurities.

Mix one tablespoon of powdered milk in sufficient amount of rose water to prepare a smooth paste. Spread it to your face and neck, leave for few minutes and then wash off.

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