8 Beauty Tips To Look Thinner

it is pretty awesome to get thinner looks with make up and hair style.

Beauty Tips To Look Thinner – We often look celebrities and take a deep sigh by thinking that we never get the figure like them. No doubt they have many ways and have approach to get their desired body figure. Our busy schedule not always offer us to do exercise regularly and our dieting plan also disturbed when we go out with our family members or with our business clients and may be with our friends.

It does not mean that we skip both these by saying that we can not do it regularly. It is continuous fight with your desires and temptations. While going out not to be feeling guilty when you are with handful of popcorn. Though exercise and dieting are working at their own place but it is pretty awesome to get thinner looks with make up and hair style.

Now not to wait and check out the following tips used in thinner looks:

HAIR LENGTH: Chin length bob draws the attention toward your chin. If you have round face then you look more bulky. Keep your hair length above the chin. It will stay the eyes above your chin and at the jaw alien .In this way you can make the chin look slimmer.

WAVEY STYLE OF HAIR: It has been observed that straight hair that  frame your face  make your head smaller and widen your face. So clean and wash your hair and work with solemnizing effect  in them. Add soft curls in them by curling with the large hot barrel curling iron. This hair style is super flattering to your thinner looks.

Hairlenght,Wavy hair style,layes,side partition, eyes makeup,cheek bones,nose beauty,

ADD LAYERS: If you like straight hair then adds layers in them. For this styling technique you can add geaometric hard lines by giving them dimensional movement. Did layers to your cheek bone to high light the bone structure and minimize the round face. Scatter few layers under your chin to get the more flattering slimming looks.

Hairlenght,Wavy hair style,layes,side partition, eyes makeup,cheek bones,nose beauty,-

SIDE PARTITION: Hair style with side bang give softness to the face and also accentuate the slimmer looks of the face. It will also break up the harsh geometric lines of face.

Hairlenght,Wavy hair style,layes,side partition, eyes makeup,cheek bones,nose beauty,-01

EYES MAKE UP: If your eye is larger then your face looks slimmer. Apply the neutral beige eye shadow at the crease of your eye lids then dust with smoky eye shadows at the outer corners of the eyes. White or silvery or any shimmer light eye shadows at the inner corners of the eyes. Apply the slate color eye shadow at your upper lash line and smudge it with brown eye liner at the lower lash line. Curl your eye lashes with curler and apply solemnizing mascara at the lashes.

eye shadow mac best eye shadow

ENHANCES YOUR CHEEK BONES: Apply the bronze shades of blush on at your cheek bones with foundation of two shades darker to your skin tone .All this will create depth to the facial looks .Make “o” of your mouth and apply the blush on at the pits under the jaw bones and blend this outward toward the temples. This will give the slimmer looks to the round and bulky face.


SLIM DOWN YOUR NOSE: Apply the high lighter at the center of your nose, this will create the shadow at the sides of nose and it will look slimmer .Apply bronzer shade at the outer edges of the nose with brighten the area   at the face and make it more defined.


FULLER LIPS: Apply the lipstick with lip liner to give the well defined shape of lip and lip color which give the illusion of fuller lips   make the face slimmer.