Bed Time Beauty Tips


Bed Time Beauty TipsIf you are looking some ways to wake up fresh and beautiful in the morning then you need to follow some simple beauty tips every night without fail, you need to look after your skin appropriately at bed time cause that is one time when you don’t talk, don’t use your eyes, when you don’t use any muscle of your face and body, when you enjoy the best relaxed time possible, when you are not going out and you don’t have to face pollution and any kind of sun rays which means it is best time to refresh your skin for the next day and if you will keep this routine, you would keep young and fresh for rest of your life.

We are going to talk about the general skin type, so you can add or skip things accordingly, if you have oily skin then don’t use things that ha oily things and if you have dry skin then use things that have natural moisturizers, now let stat bed time tips for glowing skin and face.

No matter what season is, always take a bath before bed and always massage your body with oil before that bath, after that take any essential oil and massage your wet body with that and this will keep your body smooth and silky, if you are using bathing loofah then it is good or you can use any big piece of soft net for that and this will keep your body smooth and fresh.

Never sleep with your make up on your face, you need to spend enough time and when you are sure that there is no cosmetic on your face then wash your face with best face wash and water and then consider that your face is make up free now.

You need to keep a cleansing routine for every night, no matter how late it is and how tired you are, you need to clean scrub, motorize and tone your face keep one thing in mind, a clear and clean skin responds to moisturizing creams better.

Do not use creams that are good for your friends, you need to follow your own skin type and choose your creams with lots of care and concentration, never ever forget to use your night creams, if you are getting any kind of skin treatment and you need to apply that cream on your cream in nights then you can skin your night cream, otherwise you really have to apply that cream.

If you have a dry to normal skin type then we have a perfect cleaning magic for you, just wash your face and take few drops of olive oil and massage your face with it for next 15 minutes and then wipe it off with worm wet cotton towel, you can apply some worm towel mask over your face too and you will never get black heads ever again.

Try to keep your bed sheets and pillow case as much clean as possible, it is very important for your healthy skin and beauty. After that, no matter what season it is apply a moisturizing lotion or plain glycerin on your has and feet and wear cotton socks.

Brush your hair and try to make a tale, or tie a head cover and this will keep your hair smooth and healthy. Now when you are ready to sleep and you think that you don’t need to open your eyes now then take two drops of Castor oil and rub on your eyelashes, eye brows and your lips and go to sleep,
Good night guys.