Bentonite Clay A Magical Treatment For Face and Body Acne


Bentonite Clay A Magical Treatment For Face and Body AcneWheedle out from the weathering of volcanic ash, bentonite clay is an efficient detoxifier and medicinal cleanser that’s known for treating several skin conditions including acne. While treating acne, the bentonite clay powder also nourishes, cleanses and exfoliates your skin. Here are given a few clay-mask recipes and treatments to help acne-prone skin. Check out these recipes!!!

Basic bentonite clay mask

Prepare a basic bentonite clay mask by combining equal amounts of water and clay. Now cleanse and pat dry your face and apply a thick coat of the mask over your entire face. Leave it as it is until it gets fully dry and you feel your skin taut. It will take more or less twenty minutes. Rinse off warm water. Moisturize the skin finally.

Don’t rub or exfoliate your skin while washing or you’ll aggravate your skin condition. In addition, avoid using warm washcloth to remove the mask because this is extremely harsh for your tender facial skin.

Bentonite clay mask for face acne

This mask will absorb the surfeit oils and impurities from your skin, rendering it a healthy glow, smoothness and less-oily feel. To prepare the mask, combine two tbsp clay one tbsp baking soda, two drops of tea-tree oil, half tsp oatmeal together and make a consistent paste with water. Spread it over your face and let it sit for almost half an hour before washing the face.

Bentonite clay bath

You can also create a bentonite clay bath by mixing adequate amount of bentonite clay in your bathing water. This bath will suck up impurities from your body, leaving it utterly cleansed inside out. It is also very helpful in curing body acne.