Best Celebrity Beauty Secrets


Best Celebrity Beauty SecretsCelebrities have to look gorgeous all the time. They happen to be the source of inspiration for many so it’s kind of their responsibility to look their best.

Women at times seem crazy about looking like their favorite celebrities and for this they rummage around for celebrity beauty secrets that can help them with the task of replicating the fav celeb’s look. A few days back I came across some best celebrity beauty secrets; check them out:

Nails like Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts uses olive oil to pamper their fingernails. She regularly soaks her fingernails in warmed up olive oil for a few minutes. It not only makes her nails shiny and glossy but also leaves them strong, moisturized and well nourished. Moreover, it also softens up the cuticles and helps preventing hangnails.

Teeth Like Catherine Zeta Jones

If Catherine Zeta Jones’ white teeth fascinate you a lot, include strawberries in your regular teeth-care routine. The star brushes her teeth with a mixture of mashed strawberries and baking soda. Naturally loaded with milac acid, strawberries remove any discoloration from the teeth surface leaving them whitened and shiny. However, the mixture shouldn’t be used more than once a week.

Petroleum Jelly

Jessica Alba and Tyra Banks are avid fans of Petroleum jelly. They regularly treat their skin from feet to face with Vaseline. It keeps you skin hydrated and thus make it feel soft and smooth.

Drink Enough Water

Eva Longoria finds water the best natural beauty-enhancement ingredient. She drinks plenty of water on daily basis that works to keep her body well hydrated besides detoxifying her system and maintaining her muscle tone.

Eat Small Meals

The secret behind Katherine Heigl’s well-toned body is taking small meals five times a day and a regular workout routine.

No Alcohol

Kelly Osborne abandoned alcoholic beverages and her weight dropped off instantly. So, if you’re trying to shed extra pounds, say goodbye to alcohol or at least cut back on the dosage you consume daily.