5 Best Foods for Naturally Glowing Skin


Having supple, smooth and radiant skin is a common dream of everyone irrespective of age or gender. Let us get familiar with the best foods for naturally glowing skin, which do wonders to turn this dream into reality. Continue reading…

Best Foods for Naturally Glowing Skin

Best Foods for Naturally Glowing Skin

1. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds for Naturally Glowing Skin

One of the best foods for naturally glowing skin is pumpkin seeds. They are loaded with several healthy nutrients that are essential to keep your skin young looking, impeccable and glowing, such as anti-oxidants, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids. Vitamin E found in pumpkin seeds acts as a powerful antioxidant for improving the skin tone, while vitamin A trigger the formation of new skin cells. Apart from the crucial vitamins, pumpkin seeds contain sufficient amount of minerals that facilitates your skin cells combat against harsh UV rays environmental pollution and promote the collagen production. Omega 3 fatty acids maintain the natural moisture of skin.

2. Tomatoes

Tomatoes for Naturally Glowing Skin

Tomatoes are one of the most-utilized kitchen ingredients that is widely used in several dishes. However, most of us are unaware about wonderful beauty benefits of this fruity vegetable. Tomatoes are excellent source of vitamins such as A, C and K. These all vitamins do wonder to keep your skin smooth and even as like a baby’s skin. In addition, tomatoes contain high amount of lycopene to slow down the aging process and provide you extreme protection against skin-damaging factors like environmental pollution and ultraviolet rays. Enough consumption of tomatoes ensures lower risks of skin cancer.

3. Blueberries

Blueberries for Naturally Glowing Skin

Latest research indicates the amazing benefits of blueberries for glowing skin. This low-calorie fruit is packed with abundant skin-friendly nutrients including vitamins (A, B Complex & C), antioxidants and phytochemicals. When consumed in right doses, blueberries facilitates in treating several skin disorders such as occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines, broken capillaries, acne and existence of free radicals in skin cells. Concluding this, we can say that including blueberries in daily diet plan is the safe and effective way to have radiant and glowing skin.

4. Green Leafy Vegetables

Green Leafy Vegetables for Naturally Glowing Skin

Green leafy vegetables are packed with high amount of vitamin A & E, which both have unbelievable health benefits for skin. Vitamin A plays a significant role in maintaining sebum-secretion levels, regenerating the skin cells as well as strengthening the skin’s protective tissue. Vitamin E protects enhances the productions of collagen, which maintain the natural elasticity and suppleness of skin. Folate, another vital nutrient found in green vegetables, also helps in production and regeneration of skin cells.

Dark greens are rich in beta-carotene that is well-known for its powerful antioxidant properties to renovate and repair the skin. The worthwhile skin care advantages of green vegetables are not ended here. Lutein found in the green vegetables protects the skin cells against the sun damage in addition to improving the skin elasticity. Furthermore, green vegetables contain vitamin C in high quantity. Vitamin C assists the body produce collagen and help you keep your skin soft and suppleness for long time.

5. Carrots

Carrots for Naturally Glowing Skin

Carrots are liked by everyone thanks to their delicious flavor. This all-favorite vegetable offer several health benefits for skin and hair. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins (A & C), minerals and beta-carotene, which all work excellently to keep your skin well hydrated, maintain the skin elasticity and prevent the skin pigmentation and wrinkles. Regular consumption of carrots is most beneficial for getting rid of age spots and freckles.

You have read about the top five best foods for naturally glowing skin. I’m sure that you will add these foods to your daily diet plan instead of spending bulks of your hard earned money for purchasing chemical based over-the-counter skin glowing products. Good Luck!