Best For Shoes


Best For ShoesBest For Shoes – Your shoes enhance the beauty of your feet as well give comfort to them. It is important to choose right shoes for you. If your feet get inconvenience you feel uncomfortable.

There are certain rules for the selection of suitable shoes:

  • Always go for shoes stuff with genuine materials as canvas or leather. The quality leather shoes are easily fit to your feet as compared to canvas shoes.
  • The heels of shoes have key role in making you gorgeous. Select heels according to your   figure, height, posture. The heel from 2 to 4 inches high makes you sexy, slimmer and attractive in looks.
  • The selection of wedge heel is best as it will be easy in walk and expose your feet and ankles beauty. It will always remain in fashion.
  • Pick the shoes with comfortable upper lining as with stripes or with fancy lining cushioned with leather is relaxing for your feet. If you have shoes with cushion comforts inserted inside the shoes you will feel much soothing while wear these shoes.
  • Shoes should match with your outfits. If you’re in formal dress then wear stylish and trendy shoes and if you are in your casual dress then select the shoes with high comfort level. Similarly their color should match with the colors of dress to give the beautiful and harmonious look in your style and persona.
  • Wear shoes the according to the occasion as Glitzy evening shoes have no place in the office and flip-flops aren’t generally considered acceptable for a formal event.

Add talcum powder to the shoes while wearing, it will protect your feet from harshness of shoes.