Best Home Remedies for Mole Removal


Existence of a Mole on skin is very common problem faced by many people. Excess accumulation of “melanocytes” is the main cause of mole formation. Usually the moles (scientifically known as melanocytic naevi) are less than 6 millimeters in size and brown or black in color.

Mostly moles build up during the first 25 years of life. At times, they can become darker, lighter, flat or raised and sometimes they fade on their own with the passage of time. It has been noticed that the people having fair complexion are more prone to have moles on their skin. Though most moles are totally risk-free but they may be unpleasant and have a negative effect on an individual’s confidence. That’s why; people use several natural techniques for getting rid of moles. Here are some of the simple yet effective home remedies for mole removal.

Best Home Remedies for Mole Removal

Home Remedies for Mole Removal

  • One of the most effective natural treatments for mole removal is applying the fresh juice extracted from the sour apples. Repeat this remedy at least thrice a day for 3-4 weeks to cure the problem.
  • Take 1/2 cup of freshly cut pineapple and blend it very well. Now mix ¼ cup of sea salt in the smashed pineapple to prepare a natural scrub. Use it to gently massage the skin affected by moles.
  • Another precious mole removal treatment is using honey on affected area. Make a thick paste of honey and flaxseed (powdered) and add one drop of flaxseed oil in it. Then apply this paste on the affected skin for few minutes.
  • One of the simplest and most popular home remedies for mole removal is apply the mixture of 2 tbsp. of castor oil and 1 tbsp. of baking soda. To avail the maximum results, use this remedy before going to sleep and leave the paste on mole overnight. Next morning, rinse it off using a good-quality face wash.