Best Makeup And Skin Care Tips

Best Makeup and Skin Care Tips
The use of make up we can get a gorgeous beauty.

Best Makeup And Skin Care Tips – Use of make up products whether we need or not need is the trend of today’s life style. Usually we are very fashion conscious and at the same time have great exposure public ally. Both these factors force us to apply make up on the skin. We also apply make up as we remain unsatisfied with our natural looks and think that with the use of make up we can get a gorgeous beauty.

It may be but if suitable and compatible to your skin type. It has been observed that many of our skin problems are due to use of incorrect make up. So when you go to cosmetics shopping keep in mind that make up and skin care are not two different things.


Following tips should be kept in mind while make up and skin care go side by side:

  1. Selection of the make up which is best to your skin type is the matter of trial and error. For example the selection of hypoallergenic make up for sensitive skin is the best choice. For dry skin the make up products which have moisturizers in their ingredients are selected. On the other hand for oily skin the water based make ups are to be used. For mature skin the make up products are different from the teen agars.
  2. Another thing which should be kept in mind is that not to go to bed with make up. If you do so then the make up on the skin after staying for long time clog the skin pores. As a result of it acne and pimples appear on the skin. Remember your bed side skin care regimen before going to bed.
  3. Mild cleanser with hypoallergenic properties is used to remove the make up from the skin at night rather then use of the cold water. It will ensure that all the make up residual have been removed and no left over to clog the pores at night.
  4. If you are trying a new make up product not to purchase a large pack but first to try the small ones, when you are confident for the good results of it then purchase in large quantity.
  5. Before to take a new product first to check it at the back of your hand or at the ear lobe, if your skin will irritate or show any signs of allergy to the product then avoid its application on face, Before purchasing the make up products first to ensure its expiry date.
  6. Check the ingredients used in make up by reading the contents used in its manufacturing before applying on the skin.
  7. Clean properly and thoroughly all sponges and brushes after the application of make up. It is also advisable not to use any other make up brushes as these may also cause skin infections to the sensitive skins.