Best Makeup Brush


Makeup brush is an art. To create a beautiful look makeup depends on the product type and color but the application of the makeup is also important. Selection of accurate products and application by right tools can help you to getting the natural beauty Face makeup Fingers, Sponges, brushes or cotton swabs can apply make up. It is necessary to keep clean all applicators by regular washing; disposable applicators can be used also. Sponge applicators are best for liquid or cream makeup such as foundation, which provide an even distribution of makeup than fingers.

For applying concealer, use makeup sponge for the large areas and flat, thin makeup brush for the small area. This brush prevents irritation around the eye. Powder foundations or blushes are best applied with a large, natural bristle brush. Blush is usually your second-to-last makeup step. Apply blush BEFORE foundation for a more “natural” look.

Eyes makeup Black mascara works for everyone. Eyes appear wider and brighter by curling lashes. Makeup brush specialists recommend applying mascara only to the top lashes.

Smallest eyes appear larger by Applying eyeliner but it should be applied correctly. For this purpose eyeliner pencil, a liquid liner or an eyeliner brush can be used. For using pencil, draw the line with eye shadow. Always remove makeup before going to bed, use a proper cleanser for face and eye makeup remover.