Best Source For Vitamin E


Best Source For Vitamin EVitamin E is basically a group of eight fat-soluble compounds included tocopherols and tocotrienols and it has some very important values in our day to day life, you can get this through medicines or other food suppliants, but the best is if you get through original food, It helps you look younger too by removing dead cells and it help cells making new layers and new surface and heels scars and pimples and at the same time it help our body to resist bad toxic attacks and it gives power to our cells to face illnesses and diseases so here are some foods that can help you to get vitamins E.
so here are some foods and that will provide you good vitamins and you will get Vitamin E too.

Sunflower seeds:-I think that is not new that you can get the best Vitamins and minerals through sunflower seeds or oils, you can use either dried sunflower seed or sunflower oil they both can provide the best amount of vitamin E, so start using seeds or oil in your day to day life for best results.

Nuts:- we know that we used to live in a artificial life where we used to think that nuts are oily and they are not good for our health and they make us fatty, but the truth is they are good. Almost all the nuts are good if you eat them in moderation. Almonds, cash nuts and other nuts are rich in vitamin E and if you want to be safe and get the best result possible then start eating just handful of nuts everyday or 5 days a week and you will get perfect amount of vitamin E.

Spinach: – My favorite food is boiled or steamed spinach salad with lots of chicken chunks and nuts with a bit sunflower oil, as they all are very rich in necessary minerals and vitamins, spinach is one thing that can surprise you with its health benefits, it is rich in vitamin E, no doubt, but at the same time it provides a full range of minerals an essential nutrients.

Broccoli: – Broccoli has so many vitamins and lots of health benefits and the best thing about it is you can eat it as salad food or you can eat it as a side dish, try different things to get maximum benefits.

You can get vitamins and minerals from many Vegetables including turnip green, tomatoes, mustard greens, bell pepper and if you keep eating healthy food you will see some very magical impacts over your body and health.