Best Tips For Applying Eye Shadow


cara memakai eye shadowWoman of this time is far more concern about her looks then the celebrities and the stars and she prefer to know that tricks to get the best look and for that we all keep trying different things and we keep looking for more things and that is the sole reason of your being here on this page, cause you want to learn how to apply the eye shadow perfectly like a pro to get the perfect look and I am going to give you some of my all collection of tips that I gathered after the years of research and I am hoping that you would like it and would give it a try.

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Here are some tips what I personally love and I know that if you keep practicing on these things then they will work for you too.

First and the most important thing if you want to get a perfect and a beautiful look, even if you want to look good naturally, you have to pay attention on your skin care, you need to be very careful about your skin and your looks, cleansing is very essential in the polluted and filthy world, but you need to moisturizer and scrub too and never underestimate the power of good eating and hydration.

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Always wash your face and apply moisturizer and primer before applying any kind of cosmetic on your face and I am not saying that you need to apply lots of moisturizer even if you have oily skin, just apply moisturizer according to your own skin tone, and start with a good primer and if you don’t have it or you don’t like it then use serum and it will keep your shades on the place for longer and better way.

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No matter what kind of skin tone you have, and no matter if you have dark circle around your eyes, never thought that you should pick the thick or heavy foundation or concealer for that, use best coverage instead and use light foundation and add a small dab to the eye area and then blend and use your own hands for best application, nothing work better than that.

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Always make sure that you are applying an even layer of shades on your eyes, because otherwise you will end up different looking eyes which, we all know, look funny and odd.

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If you want to play safe and intelligent then pick the shade of your won eye color and let it play with the shade of your own eyes or you can sue a shade that would enhance the shade of your eyes, like if you have light brown eyesthen pick peach or orange-ish, if you have green eyes then let the burgundy make them even more magical,and if you have any shade of blue then stick with brown eye shadows and you can always use silver to make your eyes talk, no matter what shade of eyes you have.

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Never use anything on your face without any reason, use things to create the shapes, definition and hide the flaws, like use V shape to enhance the shape of your eyes, use double crease shades to enhance the depth of your eyes, apply the highlight shade on the inner brow-line to make your eye look brighter and fresher, use silver highlighter to give your eye lid a lift and apply liner to define your eyes.

Best Tips For Applying Eye Shadow

Blend, invest all the time you need to blend the shades, this is one thing that you have to do and you need to blend very carefully cause you would hate to lose the look you were looking for in the beginning, so stick with the lines you draw for the look.

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Smile is the key to get bright and beautiful face and eyes.