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Best Tips to Lighten Dark Lips

Best Tips to Lighten Dark LipsLipstick is undoubtedly essential constituent of makeover products but its frequent use may darken your lips permanently. Then what should we do? With out decorating lips with attractive colors, it is impossible to get a standout appearance for any special event. Don’t worry, just read the following tips which can surely help you lighten dark lips.

  • Dairy products like milk, cream and butter do wonders in removing the stains caused by cosmetics products. Using milk products with the combination of almonds is most effective natural treatment for curing the discoloration of lips. Take cream or butter and almonds oil in some quantities in a clean jar and mix them well. Apply this mixture on your lips each night don t forget cleansing all applied products be for it you have continue this treatment for several weeks for getting best results.
  • Always pick out good quality products to minimize the side effects of cosmetic products, never compromise on the quality. The sub standard lipstick contains harsh chemicals which play an important role in darkening your lips.
  • Try a combination of pomegranate, honey end rose petals if you are willing to achieve cute-looking, pink lips. Take one tablespoon of honey, half table spoon of pomegranate juice and few rose petals. Combine all ingredients until they come in the form of fine paste. Apply this mixture on the lips few times daily. This natural treatment is well-known for curing dark lips. The rose petal and pomegranate juice impart a natural glow to lips, while honey treats dry lips making them well-hydrated and attractive.
  • Moisturize your lips you can lighten the darkness of lips by moisturizing them appropriately. Applying a natural lips, balm shea butter or Vaseline each night is a best way to moisturize your lips. Certain oils also assist you in curing the problem of dark lips; few examples of such oils are olive oil, tea tree oil and mustard oil. Some people try clove oil to treat dark lips.Best Tips to Lighten Dark Lips-

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