Best Weight Loss Supplements


Best Weight Loss SupplementsThere are so many weight loss supplements on the market today but most of the pills and weight loss supplements do not work and are very dangerous for health. Lemon juice with honey is very helpful for people wanting to lose weight. Add 1 teaspoon of raw unheated honey and add fresh lemon juice in warm water, then drink. Take it daily on an empty stomach. This home remedy is natural medicine and very affective for many years.

Effects of Lemon as Weight Loss Supplement

Lemon as Weight Loss Supplement

Lemon is a citrus fruit that rich in citric acid and is alkaline. It tends to increase the acidity and is a powerful Weight Loss Supplements substance. It is wonderful aid to internal cleansing and retards the presence of disease causing bacteria.  The lemon juice converts itself into alkaline ash after complete digestion. Drinking lemon juice with warm water daily in the morning stimulates the digestive system.

Effects of Honey as Weight Loss Supplement

Honey as Weight Loss Supplement

Honey has been used in home remedies to dissolve fat for thousands of years because it has opposite qualities to fat. It is not only easily digestible but improves digestion and gives suppleness to the body. It cures from many types of diseases. It should never be boiled, heated or cooked because honey becomes dangerous for health when it is heated or boiled. Weight Loss Supplements,Honey is the only sweet tasting substance that strips away fat.