Black Curly Hair Styles


This is the hair style with most feminine looks is very popular now a day. Long hairs are to be styled in different ways either by tying with the pony style or just by clipping at the top with some hair catcher. The curls are added to the long black hairs buy using hot curlers or high class electric irons. The curls may be small or wide depending upon your style and the length of the hairs. Usually both small and wide curls may be blended together to give more sexy look. The hair may be partitioned in the middle or they may be at the side to give the more versatile look. Long black curly hairs may be given the side swept bang by straightening the top side flip.

How to care these hairs;

The African black curly hairs need to be special care and products to handle them. They are very dry and fragile to maintain. Usually special products are available for such hairs.

Black Curly Hair Styles
The curler black hairs though have wide variety of styles but have some problems in their handling as they get tangled easily; diffusers are used instead of blow driers.

Black Curly Hair Styles-
Always use good moisturizing shampoos for them and deep cleansings done twice in a month.

Black Curly Hair Styles-0

Beside this deep conditioners are used for them. The brush or combs used for them have wide braces. Most of the damage occurs if the combing is done to the wet hairs, so in order to secure your hairs from frizzy ends and damaging use open toothed combs or brushes.

Black Curly Hair Styles-01
Keep frequent appointment with your hair style, who will give the cut to hairs with your own curl formation. It is easy and cheaper and the in this way your long curly hairs remain happy.