Body Packs for Acne Prone Skin

Body Packs for Acne Prone Skin
Body Packs for Acne Prone Skin

Handling the acne prone skin is somewhat difficult because it demands relatively more care. Acne can occur at any part of the body. For controlling acne breakout, different body packs have been developed by the skin experts. Whole body pack and Neem body pack are two of the most effective homemade body packs for acne prone skin. These packs not only control acne but also make the skin soft and smooth.

Whole Body Pack for Acne Skin

Whole body pack is an effective remedy for controlling the acne breakouts and minimizing the oil in the skin. Floor or a cot can be used for the whole body pack. Take a mattress, put it down on the floor and cover it with a full length rubber sheet. Over the rubber sheet put a soft cotton bed sheet damped with tepid water. Dip another cotton bed sheet in tepid water and extract excess water from it by squeezing it. Lie down on the damp bed sheet; ensure keeping the head above the damp bed sheet.

Now cover up top of your body with the other damp bed sheet and tuck it under the legs, arms and waist. Only your face should remain uncovered. Stay in this position for at least 30 minutes. This pack will relieve the body stress and let the skin pores take breaths. This body pack opens the skin pores and softens the dirt accumulated on the skin that comes out later in next step.

Neem Body Pack for Acne Skin

Prepare Neem pack by mixing 1 cup of Neem leaves juice, 1 tbs. sandalwood powder and ½ tsp. of camphor together. Put on this pack to the entire body with the help of a flat brush shortly after finishing the whole body pack. After 10 minutes apply another coat of the pack and let it utterly dry out. After it gets fully dry, take shower. Don’t rub the skin vigorously while taking bath. Make use of this pack two times in 30 days for best outcome.