Bridal Facial Beauty Tips


Bridal Facial Beauty TipsWe are sharing some very basic and very interesting recipes that will not only clean your skin and deal with all of your skin issues, but these are very good to give you a glowing looks and these are not bound for bridals, you can use them even if you are not a bride and can enjoy the marvelous impacts of these mysterious Asian Ayurvedic ubtan.

Here is a best mask that you can use on daily basis is you are preparing for your big day or you can use it three times a week and for that you need fine past of Almond, Cashew, skim of boiled milk, Wheat Germ Oil, Red Lentil, Chickpea flour and mix all of them with rose water and if you don’t have rose water then you can mix it with plain water or milk.

You just need to make a fine pas of these things and then apply over your face and if you have time then on your whole body and then lay down for 45 minutes and after that scrub it off with wet hands, if you are preparing for big day then you can try this mask everyday or otherwise you should try this once in a week.

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Try to avoid soap or any kind of face wash and try to replace it with gram flour gram flour, and you just need to mix gram flour, turmeric powder and orange peel powder and place it in your bathroom and just take a small amount of it in your hand and mix it with plain water and rub it over your face and wash with ruing water.

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If you think that your skin is getting oily or acne and pimples are making your skin damaged then you just need to take smooth powder of alum and scrub over your face with it three times a day and wash it will running water, never ever use soap or anything else with it.

If you think that your skin is getting a bit darker and you need some bleaching effect then you just need to use lime and honey and nothing is better than a fine mixture of honey, lime and tomato pulp and it has some magical impacts….
Best of luck.