Bridal Makeup Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Wedding Makeup


So, you have just completed your course as a makeup artist and as a trial you have been given a task to prepare a bride? Being a newbie, you might be feeling a bit confused; but don’t worry, do believe in yourself; all the pros were once beginners!!!

Bridal Makeup Tips and Tricks

We will help you out with your task through our expert bridal makeup tips and tricks; have a read and just go ahead!!!

Eye Makeup: Eye makeup is perhaps the most difficult task while prepping a bride. However our tutorial will make it easier.

  • To begin with, apply a handful of an eye cream all over to make the skin smooth and supple.

  • Follow it up with concealer to hide the imperfections and make the area look brighter and finally apply compact powder and your bride’s eyes are just ready for the makeup.

  • Since you are a newbie, you might be facing difficulty in making a perfectly sharp winged edge so apply tape along the brow bone in the perfect angle. Trace the outer line of the tape with kajal.

  • Make a v shape in the outer third part of the eye filling the triangle with the same crème Kajal.

  • Pickup eyeshadow and apply it evenly just over the kajal and blend it thoroughly but gently to create a smooth finish.

  • Now take the second eyeshadow and work it over the entire lid using a patting motion.

  • Apply glittery eyeliner in the center of the eyelid and blend it softly.

  • Use the first eyeshade along the lower lash line following up with a shimmer pale shadow to the deep inner corner.

  • Finish the look with deep black kajal and thick coats of mascara.

Face Makeup: Smooth out the skin with foundation; concealing it later with a concealer to make the face look immaculate. Thereafter apply a bronze; pink or peach blush onto the cheeks to lighten them up instantly.

Lip: Outline the lips with the liner in a color complimenting your attire and then fill up the lips with same colored lipstick.