Bridal Makeup Tips


Bridal Makeup TipsWe are going to shares some very good tips with you to make your wedding day the best day of your life and, personally I don’t like when on the sport girls get upset just cause of some make up issues, like they missed buying some shade, something or they forget to buy safety pins and now they are looking absolute stupid while the bride mates are asking everyone if they have spare safety pins, so quick tips to get the best look possible.

Buy Waterproof Make Up: – you should buy the waterproof range of your make up, no matter if you are buying foundation or mascaras, but if you don’t feel comfortable with waterproof foundation and all that then you should at least buy waterproof eye makeup, but when you are buying waterproof cosmetic never forget to buy waterproof makeup remover.

Eyeliner:- no matter what kind of eyes you have you are going to apply some liners and mascara, so make sure you are picking something camera friendly, charcoal, navy, or mahogany are your best options for eyeliner, never go for black or brown especially if you are going to be out in daylight, they will kill your looks.

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Highlighters:- if you have a light shade of complexion then pick white eyeshade as a highlighter, don’t pick golden or silver highlighter, they are completely out now, if you have dark complexion then go for peach or vanilla shade and if you have shaded eyes and you want to make them look highlight of your eye makeup then pick same shade on your center of your eyelid.

Contorting: – contorting is absolutely necessary, no matter if you have perfect face or not. but make sure you are not highlighting those areas with wrong color or with the wrong storks.

Shade Your Brow: – I know some girls don’t like to apply shades over their eyes brown, but if you are trying to look perfect then you need to give some shades to these areas too, or they will lose the attention, you can pick anything you like pencil or shadow, but don’t be dramatic.

Leave the Zit alone:- if you unfortunately get a zit on your big day then just stay away from your face, don’t touch it at all, you will be just fine and if you have few hours then try to tab some toothpaste over it, but that white past not blue gel form Blend well all over your face, you need to spend all the time it need, but blend everything, your foundation, shades, everything, coz if you miss a sport it will look horrible in your wedding pictures.

At the end, drink lots of water, and if you feel hunger then eat salmon and if you can manage then stay on salmon and tofu diet for couple of days and these things will make you look like princess of the day.
Best of luck.