Brunettes Hair Highlight Ideas & Hair Colors For Women


Brunettes Hair Highlight IdeasBrunettes Hair Highlight Ideas do you all think that girls who have blond hair can look much prettier with highlights and if you have brunette’s hair you have no options for highlights? Then think again and then try any of these ideas for your darker hair shades.

Brunettes Hair


The first idea is beach brown and one of my favorites, if you have smooth silky hair and you have smaller jaw line then this is your color, cause this shade near your face and eyes will make you look softer and younger and if you like experimentation with you styles then try two to three shades lighter than your own natural color and you would be so surprise the way you appear.

Brunettes Hair Highlight Ideas-

Another idea is Caramel Brown and this is for those who want some serious sexy looks with their sweet looking face and delicate jaw line. Golden highlights will flatter your look and will create a very sexy look and if you have darker complexion too then be ready for some marvelous fascinating looks, try light brown base and then add highlights close to your forehead and face but ask for gradually lighter toward the tips.

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The sweatiest look for sexy faces can be getting by honey brown, this will worm up your looks, and if you have golden or worm looking eyes too with small and delicate features then try some gold and honey highlights blended over a natural medium brown.

Now we have some bold ideas for those who are fed up for their boring looks, if you have a dull looking features and depressed looking eyes with small face and thin features then the real answer for your issues are Golden Brown/ Mahogany shades, be bold and try some really outstanding and outrageous with these shades, be bold too, ask for faster shades near your face and lighter around the neck or at the edges and then mix some brighter shades at back too and some stocks at crown,Brunettes Hair Highlight Ideas.
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