Brushing Teeth With Baking Soda For Big Smile


Brushing Teeth With Baking Soda For Big Smile; Nature has provided the humankind with effective solutions to almost all health and beauty issues. It is 100% true for teeth discoloration problem. Baking soda is one of the best answers to teeth yellowing and teeth stains. It successfully removes stains from the teeth surface hence getting you immaculate shiny teeth. This wonder ingredient is actually capable enough to take away all these stubborn stains caused by excessively consuming tea and coffee, smoking or by chewing tobacco. While brushing with baking soda, the ingredient interacts with water free radicals. These radicals then break down the stain molecules, which afterward are scrapped off the teeth surface by the means of toothbrush. Brushing Teeth With Baking Soda For Big Smile

Brushing Teeth With Baking Soda

Besides stain removing properties, baking soda polishes the teeth making them appear more shiny and whiter. Furthermore, it also eliminates bad breath. Above all, it is cheap and is available in every kitchen. Baking soda gets deep into any cracks formed on the teeth surface, thus wiping all the stains and debris away to deliver on a dazzling effect of the teeth. One more benefit of using baking soda for teeth care is prevention of fungal and bacterial growth that may lead to plaque buildup and bad breath if left untreated.
Additionally, baking soda is gentle onto your teeth. Being softer than the outer layer of your teeth, baking soda wipes all those stains and marks off your teeth without wreaking havoc on the enamel and dentine, thus making your teeth appear brighter than ever.Brushing Teeth With Baking Soda For Big Smile

Baking Soda in Powder Form

•    To brush with powdered baking soda, dampen your brush and dab it in the powder to get some baking soda on bristles of the brush.
•    As soon as all of the bristles of teeth brush are utterly covered with the powder, it will begin to appear like paste.
•    Brush your teeth with that pastry material for at least two minutes and then rinse off.
Baking Soda & Vinegar
Baking soda can also be mixed with vinegar to draw its maximum tooth cleaning benefits.
•    Just create a mixture by adding baking soda, a pinch of table salt, and a few drops of vinegar in water.
•    Use the potion to brush your teeth for almost two minutes.
•    Thereafter wash the brush thoroughly and brush teeth with your regular toothpaste.

Baking Soda & StrawberriesBrushing Teeth With Baking Soda For Big Smile

Strawberries, known for having excellent teeth whitening prove a wonderful addition to baking soda to double its effect.
•    Simply, pulp down a fresh strawberry and mix it with baking soda to obtain pastry material.
•    Get adequate amount of the mixture over your toothbrush and brush teeth carefully.
•    Wash mouth finally.

Baking Soda & Hydrogen per OxideBrushing Teeth With Baking Soda For Big Smile

Baking soda and hydrogen per oxide mixture is an excellent teeth whitener.
•    You just need to combine both ingredients and work it onto the teeth to remove stains and paleness. Rinse mouth at the end.
What are the Disadvantages of Using Baking Soda as a Teeth Whitener?
Along with a range of benefits, a few drawbacks have also been associated with baking soda teeth whitening treatment.
1.    One of the most harmful effect of baking soda over your teeth is eversion of enamel. In fact, repeated use of baking soda cause your teeth surface to erode, thus leaving it susceptible to infections and developing cavities.
2.    Another drawback of brushing with baking soda is its inability to prevent bacterial growth. To ensure proper hygiene, you should follow it up by your regular toothpaste.
3.    Lastly, baking soda may prove extremely harmful if you have braces or permanent retainers. Reacting with these retainers and braces. Baking soda can leave your teeth with ugly dark spots.
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