Cat Eyes Makeup For Beauty Eyes


Cat Eyes MakeupEyes are the major feature to be attended by the beautician while doing the eye make up.  The eye make up to make the sexiest looks requires the following tips to be used to have a glam with the dark makeup.

  • Shape up your eye brows in a perfect nice arch and according to other facial features.

Cat Eyes Makeup-

  • Cover any dark circles under the eyes with suitable concealed by applying it in dots and blending it in a foundation in a perfect way to give the natural look.
  • Shade your brow bones with the shimmer eye shades to highlight the place under the brow and to lift the eye brows and give the larger look to the eyes.

Cat Eyes Makeup

  • Now apply the eye shades with the metallic grey or silver blackish touch by eye shade brush. Cover the upper eye lid with it between the eye lid and eye brow. Give emphasis to the outer third corner of the lid with slightly darker shade or with blackish charcoal   shade and blend it with the rest in fine way.

Cat Eyes Makeup-01

  • Apply the eye pencil which may be with black dark brown, metallic grey or of bluish shades. Extend the outer third of lower eye line slightly outward tip soften the eye  pencil use some eye shadow with the eye pencil at outer edges.
  • Now dip your eye liner brush in eye shadow of darker tone then applied on lid. Moisten it and apply the line very close to the upper eye lash from inward to outward. While reaching to the outer edge of the lid slightly lift it up in out ward direction to give “cat eye look.
  • Similarly apply the line at the below eye lid from inward to outward while reaching close to outer corner lift it up toward the upper eye lid  as of above step and connect it with the upper eye line.
  • Now curl the lashes with the curler to give the popping eyes and use dark black mascara to make them dense and more prominent. The false eye lashes may be used and coated with mascaras in the same way.