Celebrities Makeup At Musical Award Show 2016


Celebrities Makeup At Musical Award Show 2016, The attendees and recipients of the Billboard Music Awards deserve recognition not just for their talented performances but also for their willingness to experiment with bold hair and makeup looks. From Britney Spears’s smoky eye to Ciara’s brow grazing bangs, seeing these stars’ beauty choices is guaranteed to inspire you! Read on to see every stunning style.

Celebrities Makeup

celebs like Ciara and Jessica Alba. Besides, Hollywood excellence and normal cosmetics. which was ideal for Cannes is being supplanted with something more fun.Ciara Stars inclined toward realistic wings and splendid smoky eyes. As are we. Look at the night’s best in savage magnificence ahead and motivate prepared to spend the show’s business softens up the lavatory wielding a Kajal pencil and thinking whether to make a gruff cut for blasts.Jessica Alb

Demi’s unexpected black and purple smoky eye made her look like even more of a badass. she was looking outstanding in black outfit.Demi's

Lucy Hale matched her eye makeup to her wine-colored gown, which made her green eyes pop.Lucy Hale

Jessica Alba showed off a fashion-forward look with a slick, twisted bun featuring fanned out ends. and her make up with pecock smokey eyes and very natulal pink color lipstick.Britney Lively's

Britney Lively’s curves are kickin’, as she pointed out Wednesday on Instagram when she slapped the caption “L.A. face with an Oakland booty” on front and back views of herself arriving at the May 11 premiere and opening night gala for “Cafe Society” at the Cannes Film Festival. In response, people on social media had things of their own to point out. she wear light bliue dress with light natural makeup.

An other Celebrities Makeup style Laverne Cox’s highlighted cheekbones spotlighted her flawless bone structure. Eith smokey eyes and black liner in eyes enhance her beauty.Laverne Cox's