Celebrity Beauty Tips

Celebrity Beauty Tips
Celebrity Beauty Tips very good idea for our face beauty.

Every woman wants to look beautiful and stylish and for this purpose they always look forward to know new beauty tips and tricks. Celebrities are an important source of inspiration for makeup and beauty tips and women follow them to look gorgeous like them.

Some celebrity beauty tips are given below;

  • The 45-year-old ‘The Secret of My Success’ star Cindy Crawford makes the use of milk and water to keep her face moisturized for the whole day. She mixes identical amounts of milk and mineral water and sprays it over her face with a spray bottle!
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones’ teeth whitening secret is to brush the teeth with pulverized strawberries. The secret behind her shiny hair is the use of castor oil.
  • Gwen Stefani coats her red lipstick with the blue lip gloss to enlighten the shining whites.
  • Julia Roberts immerses her hands in olive oil to make them soft and smooth. The olive oil also works as the conditioner for her nails.
  • Daisy Fuentes consumes one liter of chamomile tea and the same amount of water everyday to increase the speed of fat burning.
  • How Angelina Jolie adds makes her hair heavy? She simply applies baby powder in her hair from the roots to the ends and finally blow dries them to make them look heavy.
  • Michelle Yeoh uses a mixture of lemon juice for the cleansing of her face. Lemon juice removes dirt and excessive oil from the skin and makes her look gorgeous.
  • Teri Hatcher uses red wine to take bath which makes her skin beautiful.