Celebrity Pixies – Short Hairstyles for Women


Celebrity Pixies – Short Hairstyles for WomenThe hottest hairstyles for women this season? Well, it started when the ladies of Hollywood began to borrow boys on the small length hair cut short and uncomplicated pieces of goblin that are surprising, very soft and feminine.

A short Pixie can be adapted to almost all face shapes. You can go for very short flights, such as Emma Watson, or a leprechaun, but do not cut too short, some keep several layers haircut soft and versatile. The perfect example is Michelle Williams’ latest short hair with more layers above.

Celebrity Pixies – Short Hairstyles for Women

Ashlee Simpson recently made locks and opted for a short pixie with whispy bangs hard piecey swept to one side. Beheaded the figure is to remove the hair with a razor on solid ground, add texture and light layered hairstyle. The very short haircuts with whispy layers of any kind is to have easy: just work with a light frost and let everything air dry. To make things go for a flirt, textured surface: concentrating on the upper front, management ends up and sat for more time.

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Halle Berry cut his famous short while, she returned in a cool, fits the mood sexy. In this way, any short is not for everyone, but Hall attract fairies feature when it is cut and a great way to show her beautiful face. Her hair is ultra-layers, it can be tangled fingers to add texture – the basis of a sexy, tousled style. Favorites Temple-hugging, soft baby pony round appearance.

Michelle Williams stands out among all the actresses in Hollywood the other with her soft, platinum blond pixie cut. Your hair is great courtesy influence of pure platinum blonde sides cropped close.
Looking upper layers provide a glamorous look to the surface, which is just right for the red carpet. To copy the look, work in a product root growth, then locks brushing with a brush of ventilation, such as layers directly above and in front.

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Emma Watson all shocked if they all had her long hair cut. The shortcut, close cut to flatter her lovely features and is doing well. It takes a lot of confidence to wear a short model, because it makes the face and you have nothing to hide. His features are the subject of your look: eyes have improved, pop your cheekbones and lips are more visible!

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Emma with her pixie short and smooth surface means so smooth and slippery, you can go to the hair gel and work – requires no styling time.