Check Type Of Your Skin


Once you go out to buy soap cream or even any make up accessory you come across the various types of indications like “For soft skin only” or “for normal skin only”. Here the question might arise in that, which type of skin you have. Even if you desire to have a lovely shinny skin the first step would be to know its type. After having known the type only then you can make concerted efforts for its maintenance, which shall include control of your diet and application of cosmetics on it. Let me give you an account of various types of skins and leave rest upon you to decide that which type you have.

Normal Skin;

  • Texture is normally very smooth and skin is toned evenly with small pores. This kind of skin shall have balanced oil and water ingredients. The person shall feel smoothness and velvety.

Oily Skin;

  • If the skin has oil producing glands, it shall turn the shape or texture shiny especially close to centre of nose forehead and chin. The pores are normally enlarged resulting into the black head and acne on the nose and even on the cheeks. Such skins require special care in terms of cleansing. The pores are required to be open and an extra care would be required from dust on skin surface since this is going to create damage to the skin.

Dry Skin;

  • This kind of skin does not have oily or moistures look. It produces skin flakes and can be comfortably distinguished from other types. The pores are normally more prominent and especially during the winter season, it requires adequate oiling or creaming to keep the upper layer intact with main part of skin. Such skins if regularly moisturized or creamed shall be very attractive and reduce the skin flakes to appear.

Sensitive Skin;

  • This skin as the name suggests is prone to changes in the environment as well as internal changes in the body. It can get oily and may be full of dryness. It gets affected with even change of soap and requires special care as far as the cosmetics are concerned. Frequent change of brands adversely affects it. Such skins are often referred to dermatologists for care. And if you have this type of skin, probably you are the best one to know that you have this type of skin.

Combination Skin;

  • This is the most common type and is a combination of oily and dry skin. Certain parts of face remain oily like nose head, chin or close to ear while other are dry such as cheeks, eyes and mouth. It is very difficult to treat such type of skin, since neither oily nor dry options are applicable on complete face. However, in market there are products available, which are designed for combination skins and must be used accordingly.

If you have understood the various textures, and characteristics of skins, you would be comfortable while selected cosmetics for your face and can take required steps to grow it healthier, smoother and attractive.