Chloe Kardashian 25-Pound Weight Loss at Home In Tight Jeans


Chloe Kardashian 25-Pound Weight Loss at Home In Tight JeansShe wants to look perfect: Chloe’s sister Kim Kardashian flaunts her 25-pound weight loss at home in tight jeans. Kim Kardashian has received more than 60 pounds in the seventh month of pregnancy. And Chloe Kardashian – flaunts her 25-pound weight – big obediently came to visit her sister in her Beverly Hills home on Friday.

Five-foot-10 reality personality, who turns 29 next month, looked confident and strong, sharp shoulders of his black jacket, vest and matching skinny jeans. Keeping up with the Kardashians star accessorize her look with a solid gold medallion necklace big black studded purse and according to the spiked Louboutins.

The oldest Kardashian sister, Kourtney, Kim also on Friday came home but looks much Chloe her face caked in makeup than without fuss & Make-Up mother of two with a swing of 70 casual chambray shirts with her Vibe, zigzag ringing bottom and brown platform sandals.

Chloe and Lamar star was a sexy new fans ‘Kim’ size 6 figure on Thursday with her new swing at the event, Beverly Hills question Hypnotiq , Robert Rodriguez showed her decline Khloe red-striped dress, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes and condition of Kanye West.

Weight loss, daily strenuous workouts and strict high-protein diet did.

Chloe Kardashian 25-Pound Weight Loss at Home In Tight Jeans-

“She wants to look perfect,” Kardashian told the touch Insider recently. “It always felt like the ugly sister. Now it can be warm and beautiful, it is not enough. Hot and wants to be beautiful no matter what. Meanwhile, the reality star Kim came to the defense of fat-shame on the wonderful critic. I totally understand how you feel, Chloe said, E! Thursday online.

Chloe Kardashian 25-Pound Weight Loss at Home In Tight Jeans-0

It was on the day she complains about my house just … But she complained of pain, she says, I can not control it, I’m pregnant, and I’m growing child and what would you say what do you want? And I recommend Kim for being so strong and so beautiful girl and not mistaken in her weight is given to anyone who wanted to criticize anyone but above all, I believe that the person is pregnant. And I want you to know how much I love my home. ‘