Choosing Right Eyeliner for Brown Eyes


Choosing Right Eyeliner for Brown EyesAre you blessed with beautiful brown eyes but confused about choosing perfect eyeliner and other eye makeup constituents to highlight the natural beauty of your eyes? Then, keep on reading; this article reveals few best tip and tricks which can definitely help you in the selection of right eyeliner for brown eyes.

The girls with brown eyes are really lucky as they have countless choices in color selection of eyeliner and eye shadows. There are several colors that suit brown eyes such as shades of purple, green, gold and blue. When it comes to choose the best eyeliner for brown eyes, golden browns, bronze, deep red plums and other warm tones look great. Cool shades in taupe, dark metal grays and turquoise also work excellently to accentuate brown eyes.

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While choosing the eyeliner for brown eyes, don’t forget to determine the shade of your eyes. If your eyes color is dark brown, look for darker shades of eyeliner. While medium brown eyes generally tend to work well with all colors. The girls, who have light brown eyes, should not experience with dramatic eye makeup as it can end up overpowering them.

Choosing Right Eyeliner for Brown Eyes-

Tips to Apply Eyeliner

  • Before starting with eyeliner and mascara, make it sure that you have applied all other eye makeup constituents like eye makeup primer, eye shadow etc.
  • Set your dressing chair in front of mirror and sit on it in the way that you can rest your elbow on the dressing table.
  • Draw a fine line close to the lash line using a steady hand. The line should be thin from corners and thick from the middle area of eyelid.
  • If you stop the line just at the corner of eyes, it will give them a wide and round look. If you want to get Cleopatra like look, sweep them longer.
  • For the beginners, the easy way for applying the eyeliner is painting a few dots on the lash line and then joining them.
  • To avoid the swollen and puffy look, don’t choose light pinks and mauves shades of eyeliner.