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Choosing The Right Hair Colour

Right Hair Colour Now a day it is the common trend to change the color of your hairs and to bring the change in your personality, but the good change always be welcome and create the positive energy in you. Usually the people select the hair colors to dye their hairs   without thinking much about its suitability to their looks. They prefer the trends and change the color of their hairs, but for make your personality pretty good and impressive in your social circle and to bring confidence in you need the hair color which looks natural in your possessions and as well as suits to you.

The following tips should be kept in mind while selecting the hair color for you:


  • It is the most important thing to be considered while dying your colors. Some people have whitish fair complexions others have whitish complexion some others have pale or dark brown complexion etc. With the complexion the hair color chosen must suit, as with the fair color all the neutral colors or the loud colors suits to you. On the other hand the brown skin tone you may chose the brownish color shades or dusky colors. At pale color usually all shades suits.


  • The hair color has great compatibility with the eye color. The blue grey, hazel and green eye colors can carry the golden, blonde and ashy shades in your hairs. The black and brown eye colors may carry the red, burgundy, mahogany gel.


  • The dress colors are also important for the hair color, right dress with right hairs are give the pleasant look to the personality. Shades of golden and blonde matches
  • Red, yellow, rusty shades of clothing, Burgundy, black, platinum colors do best with cloths with shades of blue, black and green.


  • The natural hair color also counted while selecting the colors for your hairs. Usually if you have brown hairs then the burgundy or the mahogany colors appeal to you.

Select the color two or three shades darker to the original shades of the colors to make them long lasting.

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