Chubby Cheeks Makeup


Chubby Cheeks MakeupChubby Cheeks Makeup – Higher cheek bones and defined jaw line makes the look sexy. Chubby cheeks   with fatty face camouflage the figure and make you ugly. But not to be anxious with your chubby cheeks, with the help of makeup tactics you can get the sexier looks with the flaw of feature.

Just follow the following guide lines:

  1. To flatten your chubby cheeks avoid the red color in blush on as it will make them fattier by color emphasis.
  2. Use two shades in blush on, one in darker and other in same tone act as highlighter and work with these two shades coordinately.
  3. Use of silver and bronze shades is the best option for chubby cheeks as it will give the illusion of high cheek bones.
  4. Apply the lighter shade of the blush on at the apples of cheeks
  5. Darker shade of the blush on is used at the area under the cheek bones lower the jaw bone making a “C” shape.
  6. Under the lighter shade apply a bit darker shade.
  7. Blend these two shades in gentle way.
  8. Apply the lighter shade brush at your chin.
  9. Finish your make up by applying the lighter shade brush at your fore head and at the sides of your nose.
  10. With chubby cheeks apply the soil color eye shadow at your lids. Avoid bright colors as blue and pink etc.
  11. Similarly with chubby cheeks the lipstick should be selected with lower color tones or which is matching with the color of lips as red or pink tones.
  12. Avoid pale make up as it will form the chubby cheeks more apparent feature.

With all this you have disguised your chubby cheeks toward slimmer by applying make up tactfully.