Clear Skin Tips


Clear skin tips help to reduce the possibility of acne, and acne scars. Clear skin depends on the adequate care that you give to your skin, your food and your lifestyle.

Clear skin tips and tricks;

Balanced diet is one of the most important clear skin tips so make sure the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are full of natural vitamin A and vitamin E that is essential to good skin care. Drink a plenty of water, it keeps your body hydrated and helps to detoxify your body and skin.

Wash your face at least two times in a day with pure soap and clean water, after washing, splash your face with coldwater. Cold water closes the pores whereas hot water open pores. Close pores are protected from the environment. Overexposure to the sun or ultraviolet rays also can cause acne and cause skin cancer. Do not squeeze pimples because it causes the spread of acne and leave scars. Treat the pimples and sores with ointments and creams.

Clear skin tips: cosmetic use;

Try to avoid the cosmetics use as much as possible because the cosmetic products clog pores. Apply homemade clear skin tip instead of these products.  If you must wear makeup, make sure that you are using hypoallergenic products, or products for sensitive skin. Apply creams or makeup to face, use applicators instead of hands because hands contain oil that can cause acne.

Splash your face with cold water before applying makeup and remove all the makeup away before sleeping.