Clever Makeup Tips for Oval Faces


Stumbling on makeup tips for oval-shaped faces can be super daunting. You might have searched allover the web but failed to find out the tips that really work. But your search will definitely end here as we have a few makeup-related suggestions for oval faced gals that actually work.

Don’t Change Foundation Color/Brand

Many makeup tips for oval faces suggest you to change your foundation color or even brand. We, however, suggest you not to do so. There is not need to change the brand or color only because you are oval faced, rather stick to your standard foundation.

Don’t Highlight Lips and Eyes Altogether

The oval faces are proportional from the jaw-line all the way upto the forehead and the beholders of this facial structure are advised not to highlight all of their features- lips and eyes- altogether. If you crave to make your lips stand out, keep the eye makeup toned down and if it’s eyes that you want to play up, just tone down your lipstick a bit! Use greens, pinks, reds or purples eyeshadows to highlight your eyes.

Contour with Bronzer

Contouring with bronzer is another great idea to beautify the oval faces. However, you don’t have to contour every feature of your faces, just sweep a little bronzer along the cheeks and the see the difference it makes in the appearance of your face.

Accentuate Your Cheekbones

The cheeks of oval faced people usually feel a bit left out. You may want to use a little blush to emphasize them. Smile in the mirror to manifest your cheek apples and add a tad of pick blush to them. It will definitely make your face spark instantly.

Lip Gloss

Last but surely not the least makeup tip for oval face is about beautifying the lips. Whether you want keeping the lips toned or make them stand out, lip gloss is perfect choice for you anyway.