Cocoa Butter On Face


Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are three steps of a basic skin care regime that almost everyone follows. Sometimes, however only these three steps fail to render the desired glow and fairness, so, women look for different products through which they can get the desired ultimate look. One ingredient that is used in almost every face cream is cocoa butter. Cocoa butter or theobroma cacao is a yellowish-white vegetable fat that is taken out from cacao bean. It is proved to be very beneficial for the face that’s why used in face creams. It is safe enough for eating as well.

Benefits of Cocoa Butter for Face

Moisturizing Property

Coco butter benefits human face in different ways. It is a natural moisturizer that works the best for dry skin. It removes the cracks from the skin surface thus restore a glowing and healthy skin. Theobroma cacao, a stable fat, liquefies at body temperature thus blends well into the skin and easily absorb in the body. That’s why it works when all other products fail to repair dry and cracked skin.

Antioxidant Property

Besides moisturizing, cocoa butter has antioxidant properties as well. With its antioxidant properties, coco butter don’t let the free radicals cause any damage to the skin thus prevents premature aging and keep the skin young for long. Moreover, it also helps in removing acne scars.

Coco butter is also helpful in preventing and treating different skin conditions such as acne breakouts, blackheads and whiteheads. Though, cocoa butter has many benefits but it is wise to try it once to check whether it is suitable for your skin type or not, otherwise it can turn your skin condition worse rather than healing it.