Coconut Oil For Skin


Coconut Oil For SkinCoconut Oil For Skin – We are blessed by our nature many such ingredients which are beneficial for us aesthetically and therapeutically. The virgin coconut oil or unrefined coconut oil is one among them. Its worth is for skin and hair care is incredibly amazing. It is used extensively in tropical regions especially in India. It is to be said that the beauty of Indian women is hidden in coconut.

There are three basic types of coconut oil; virgin, Cochin and RBD (refined bleached and deodorized).The term virgin not fully define the actual state of the oil but the oil in raw form with scent and taste of coconut is said to be virgin. It is white in color. Cochin is also virgin but term is used for air dried copra with some mold growth.

The growth of mold make it less valuable and color changes from white to yellow and grey. It has little scent of the coconut. RBD has little or no scent, that’s why some people prefer it in use. Beside all these characteristics the virgin coconut oil is in solid consistency and to be stored safely for 2-3 years without refrigerators. It is more appealing in use.


It is much better then highly paid skin moisturizers due to its wonderful effects. It helps the skin in following ways:

  1. It softens the rough skin.
  2. It is loaded with plenty of antioxidants which help to repair the skin damage and strengthen the skin tissues.
  3. It prevents the wrinkle formation.
  4. It has ability to fight with free radicals, which are harmful for skin.
  5. It is absorbed in skin easily and make the skin tissues turgid  so as a moisturizer  its effects lasts  more longer then water which evaporate sooner.
  6. Virgin coconut oil reduces our dependence upon the vitamin E.
  7. It helps in removing the dead cells of skin and makes the skin smoother and younger.
  8. It has deep penetrating qualities so prevent the skin sagging and wrinkle appearance.
  9. It has ability to cure Psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, acne and many other skin problems.


  • It is used in hair damage which is due to reduction of fat and protein content.
  • It is used for usual damaged and UV damaged hair for pre wash and post wash as grooming products.
  • It contains the triglycerides of laurel acid which has higher affinity for hair proteins and due to its linear chain and molecular structure easily penetrates in hair shaft.
  • It acts as deep conditioner due to its penetrating properties and to remove the dandruff.
  • It make the hair soft, shiny without frizz.
  • Antiseptic properties help to recover the fungal and bacterial infection in hair when used as conditioner.

Use it on hair and skin and enjoy with natures blessings to attain the gorgeous beauty.