Common Household Items for Skin Care


Common Household Items for Skin CareProper skin care is undoubtedly the most initial step towards maintaining the natural beauty. Females usually spend a large portion of their household budget for purchasing expensive commercial skin care and beauty products. You can save your hard-earned money by using natural skin nurturing elements, which are easily available at your own home. By this way, you will be able to provide your skin a natural glow and young-looking appearance without spending any extra money. Another benefit of the natural ingredients is that they are free of chemicals and other unsafe additives.


Fruits are the best friends of your skin. Adequate intake of fresh fruits and fruit-juices give your skin extra freshness. You can also prepare facial masks of different fruits to maintain your beauty. If you have dry skin, try a mask of avocado, honey and vinegar to hydrate your skin. For oily skin, a best fruit mask can be prepared by mixing rolled oats with few drops of lemon juice. The mixture of yogurt and lemon juice is best mask for the girls who are troubling with sensitive skin. A budget-friendly natural face mask can be prepared by combining mashed banana with honey.


When it comes to the natural skin care ingredients, you will find the vegetables on top. Cucumber is most popular for skin care benefits; you can make an effective soothing toner with the help of blended cucumber and honey. For getting fair complexion and reddish cheeks, nothing can be proved better than tomato.

Dairy Products

Dairy products like milk, yogurt and are great sources of beneficial fats that are essential for a healthy life. Take few drops of green tea, ground oats and little amount of fresh cream. Prepare a facial cleanser by combining all ingredients and enjoy long-lasting beauty of skin. Washing your skin with a mixture of warm honey and whole milk is an amazing way to get fair complexion.