Common Sunscreen Mistakes to Avoid this Summer


Common Sunscreen Mistakes to Avoid this SummerOffering your skin from sun is one of the five steps of every basic skincare regimen. Drugstores and cosmetic counters are now flooded with sunscreening products. All you need to do is to find the one that works for your skin and apply it throughout the exposed parts of your body to offer full coverage.

Sometimes, people get their skin sunburned even if they have applied sunscreen. It often happens due to the improper application of sunscreen. Though its application isn’t much tricky but even then people make mistakes. Some common sunscreen mistakes to avoid this summer are given here;

Applying Sunscreen after hitting outdoors

One common sunscreen mistake many people make is applying sunscreen after going out in the sun. Remember, sunscreen offers you sun and UV rays protection after it fully absorbs into your skin. If you wear sunscreen after going outdoors, by the time it gets absorbed in you skin the sun can burn your skin. So, from now onwards, be sure apply sunscreen almost 15-30 minutes before heading outdoors so that it is fully absorbed in your skin before you get exposed to the sun.

Applying Insufficient Sunscreen

Wearing insufficient sunscreen is another common sunscreen mistake many people make. As per the experts’ recommendation an adult person should wear about 1 ounce sunscreen for sufficient coverage. Also ensure protecting all the exposed parts of your body including face, neck, ears and feet.

Forgoing Reapplication after Swimming or Sweating

Many people don’t re-apply the sunscreen after swimming or sweating. The regular sunscreen runs away when you swim or sweat. Even water-resistant or waterproof sunscreen offers a limited protection and it is necessary reapply it after some time. Usually it is mentioned in the product’s instruction sheet that how often it should be reapplied. Check out the instruction sheet and reapply the product as per the directions given to offer your skin an uninterrupted protection.

Forgoing Reapplication at All

Many people believe that once they have applied the sun-screening product they are protected for all day long. It’s wrong. In fact it is necessary to reapply the product every 2 hours or after workout or water activity. So, if you want sun protection throughout the day, ensure reapplying sunscreen as directed by the manufacturers.

Not Applying Sunscreen on Cloudy Days

People usually forgo sunscreen application on cloudy days. The devastating UV rays can have negative impacts on you even in the cloudy days. So, offer your skin adequate coverage everyday, whether it’s a sunny day or a cloudy one.