Cover Dark Circles Under Eyes


Dark eye circles are always the beauty flaw. These are formed by many reasons as in adequate sleep anemic condition of the body, dehydration, continuous stress and sometimes due to some disease as liver problems or hormonal disturbance. All these create the dark circles under eyes. These dark eye circles if not treated properly by make up or by using proper remedies they become more prominent in make up coverings. So there are following tips for the covering of these dark circles and for their remedies:


  1. Apply the cucumber juice, lemon juice and lanolin cream after mixing under eyes will remove the dark circles.
  2. Apply the teabags after keeping them in freezer for some time and then placed under eyes for 15 minutes it is a simple remedy for dark eye circle.
  3. By drinking the lemon juice, mixing it with the mint leaves and cucumber juice will surely recover the dark circles after few days.
  4. The potato slices also do good job while placed on eyes twice a day.
  5. Put a spoon of stainless steel in freezer for some hours and then place it on dark circles thrice a day. It will help to remove the dark circles under eyes.
  6. In your diet take enough vitamin C and iron, it will help to remove the dark circles.
  7. The turmeric powder and pineapple juice when mixed and applied on dark circles effectively remove the dark circles.


  1. Usually the conceivers are used to conceal the dark circles, for this purpose first to note the color of dark circles. They may be brown, bluish and purplish in appearance. So these must be covered with proper concealer shade if purplish then yellow concealed is used, if the blue then may mauve color, if brownish then the orange shade is used.
  2. Apply it in dots under the eyes and dab it gently with pores of fingers and blend finely with the skin tone.

After this the foundation and other make up is applied gradually.