Cracked Heels Treatment


The cracked heels are a very common physical problem. This is painful, unattractive, and very upsetting. This problem is often known as heel fissures. The cracks usually occur when the skin becomes dry and aggravates the thick, brittle calluses on the heels. They also develop by placing too much pressure on the heel while walking. Here some treatment tips are given in order to protect or remove the cracks from your heels.


After realizing that you have cracks on your heels, you must form a plan of treatment before the condition go worse. Remove the tough skin that has built up there before using moisturizer to treat heels; otherwise, the moisturizer will give no results. Use foot-moisturizing cream to soften the area and pumice stone to exfoliate the skin.

While taking shower, use a wet pumice stone in order to take away the rough areas on the heels and before going to bed, rub the moisturizer into heels. Wear cotton socks overnight to hold in moisture. Apply more foot cream after work.

Podiatrist Treatments:

If the condition is worse and the self-treatment is not effecting, then turn to podiatrist for help. The podiatrist will attempt to remove, the rough skin on heels with the proteolytic enzymes, whirlpool treatments or the sharp debridement via surgery.

The Podiatrists also have an option of using a heel cup that fits inside the shoe in order to keep the fat pad on the heels from expanding, giving your heels cracks time to mend. In the extreme case, the podiatrist may turn to strapping tape, to keep heel fissures together.

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