Cures for Extremely Chapped Lips


Cures for Extremely Chapped LipsExtremely chapped lips are a common problem faced by mostly people in the winter season. The lips depend on hydration and internal moisture to prevent chapping due to various factors such as sun exposure, low humidity, wind, heat or coldness. Here we have discussed some of the most effective cures for extremely chapped lips.

Use a Humidifier

The extra dry conditions play an important role in making your lips chapped. If you feel that air in your house continuously dries out lips, it would be a best decision by you to purchase a humidifier as it increases moisture in the air of your home. You should also take warm bath but it is to remember that hot water allow your skin to dry out and itchy.

Consume Plenty of Fluids

Using humidifier is a way to add moisture in your atmosphere but your body also needs the internal moisture. You can provide it by drinking plenty of fluids. The health specialists suggest to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water to keep your body hydrated. Furthermore, you can add other fluids like fresh fruit juices, green tea and coffee in your daily diet plan. Adopting healthy diet habits is a natural way to cure extremely chapped lips.

Don’t Lick Your Lips

Some people have a habit of licking their lips, if you are one of them you have to get rid of this bad habit for the protection and care of your lips

Apply a Lip Balm

Applying Lip balms is the most effective technique to cure the chapped lips and reduce the pain. The cosmetic stores are loaded with the variety of lip balms manufactured by different cosmetic companies. However, you should be aware that use of these cosmetic lip balms is not safe as they may contain harsh chemicals which can harm your lips. To avoid the possible side effects of commercial lip balm, you can prepare the same product at your home using natural ingredients.