Curly Hair Styles


curly hair stylesCurly Hair Styles – The curls in the hairs are liked by many. So they add it to the hair by them selves or have by birth due to genetic factor. There are many options for this style from shoulder cut to many graduated layers. To heavy one length looks, and even messy uniform layer cuts. Curls have soft look and give soft appearance to eyes. If these have medium length then there is option to tie them or pulled back to dress them in the formal way.


DIY Christmas Hairstyle for Long Hair

It is best suited for those who have natural curls in hair. A combination of long and short layers from sides to the front make this style the most balancing one.


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You can bring the retro flair by giving curls to your bob cut. It will give you the most radiant look.


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It will also change the entire looks by adding side bangs or the front bangs to the curly hairs. The bangs enhance the curls and give you the trendiest look.


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The curls may be added artificially as premed or may be natural. These hairs are sectioned at the middle and then they are curled from the half mid length. If these are at the shoulder they may be given the radiant look by layering at the sides.


The bun is formed at the nape of neck or at the crown by curling the hair with rollers. The curls if naturally exist then these are picked up with the brush in sections and pin up with bobby pins at the crown or at the nape of the neck. It is the beautiful looks in curly up do.  Some free strands are left at the sides give the looks most brilliantly and fascinating.