Curry Leaves Tea For Beauty


Curry Leaves Tea For BeautyNormally curry leaves use to make aroma in your curries and food, and they are very good for your body and your skin too and they are really good and are famous as sweet Neem leaves in many parts of India and we know that Neem is one of the best leave that we have, if you are looking for some skin benefits then you just need to make a thick and smooth past with fresh curry leaves and add apply that over your face for half an hour and if you feel some kind of burning and sensation then you can add some rose water and some fresh cream in it and that will sooth down the sharp and strong antiseptic active properties of curry leaves.

You can use a mixture of any essential oils and curry leaves as a hair and scalp mask for dandruff and itchy scalp and other skin issues and if you keep this mask in your beauty regime then it will help you get rid of hair fall and other hair issues too.

Curry leaves are really good for your weight loss plan too, it is very good for water retaining and blotting and if you think that you have gastric trouble then this can help you and you just need to drink around 4 cups of curry leave tea in a day and you will fell a relieve in not time, you can use it with cayenne pepper, maple syrup and lemon juice in a hot cup of water for healthy digestive system too.

If you are trying to get some kind of Detox and anti-ageing treatment then add some curry leaves in hot water with some cayenne pepper, honey and lime and you need to drink that tea three times a day and you will get the healthiest skin possible, If you have a curry tree in your own house then chew fresh leaves and add some in your drinks and your teas and that would be a magical potion for weight loss.