Cuticle Care Tips For Hand Beauty Look

Cuticle Care Tips For Hand Beauty Look
Cuticle Care Tips For Hand Beauty Look

Whenever someone talks about nail care, people think about nail polish or their fingernail tribulations such as peeling, cracking and chipping. But the skin around your fingernails, nail cuticles, also contributes to nails health and a neat appearance. If not properly cared, the cuticles turn prone to hangnails and dryness and odds of infection increases if cuticles are badly cut or bitten. If you want to have good looking and healthy nails, follow the below given tips.


You cuticles require good moisture. The reason being, your cuticles are exposed to the water and harsh chemicals when you get engage in any activity that includes water, with getting your hands in gloves. So, if aren’t already careful about moisturizing cuticles, start applying a quality moisturizing lotion or cream into your nails and fingertips promptly. If you already apply a moisturizer regularly, start applying it twice.

Never Nip

It is advised not to cut the cuticles because these cuticles in fact serve a purpose. They act as the barriers and don’t let the harmful germs enter your nails. If you will cut them, they would not be able to serve the purpose any more and your nails will be attacked by harmful bacteria and fungus. In place of it, push back the cuticles using a non-metal tool, like rosewood stick.

Dampen the Cuticles Before Pushing Them Back

Be sure to damp cuticles before pushing them back since it is easier and safer to nudge back the cuticles.

Pick Nail Care Products Wisely

Avoid using acetone-based nail colors and nail color remover plus treatments with formaldehyde or you will harm your cuticles as well as your nails. Both these chemicals, besides being toxic, they cause the cuticles skin to get dry and irritated.

Use Cuticle Oils/Creams

Put on cuticle oil or cream many times a day to make them softer. Moreover, it’s advised to rub cuticle exfoliator into the entire nail daily.