You Look Attractive After Damaged Hair Treatments & Remedies

Damaged Hair Treatments
Damaged Hair Treatments for your beauty hair and Damaged Hair Treatments for your healthy hair

Hair is one of the best features of your face and plays important role in making you look attractive after Damaged Hair Treatments. The dull and damaged hair use to have negative effects on your personality. Different products have been designed to repair the damaged hair but sometimes the chemicals they contain can worsen your hair condition. So, the best way to repair the damaged hair is to follow the homemade damaged hair treatments.

Some damaged hair treatments and remedies are given below; try them you will definitely find them useful.

Alcohol: Alcohol, such as beer, may prove helpful in damaged hair treatments and remedies. Prepare a mixture by mixing little amount of hair oil and beer thoroughly and apply it over the scalp and into the hair after shampooing. Leave it for five minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Vinegar: Vinegar can also be used for repairing damaged hair treatments. Massage small quantity of vinegar over the scalp and give it time of 30 minutes to get infused in the hair. After 30 minutes shampoo your hair; you will notice remarkable improvement in the condition of you hair.

Egg: Egg is one of the best damaged hair remedies. Egg yolk can make your hair healthy and shiny if applied in the hair for 30 minutes after beating it thoroughly in a bowl. Rinse hair after half an hour using a gentle shampoo.

Fruits: Proteins and minerals rich fruits are very necessary for hair nourishment and repairing with damaged hair treatments. A paste made of avocado pulp, banana pulp and wheat germ oil is a best remedy for hair. Simply mix all the ingredients to get a thick paste and apply it in the hair for a brief time. Wash the hair thoroughly with lukewarm water and used this damaged hair treatments method.